In a world of uniformity where brands follow the crowd, DeAnima are a breath of fresh air with stunning and different handmade custom frames. A team of 3 led by Gianni Pegoretti who has 20 years of building frames have produced a concise but perfectly formed range of bespoke frames all handcrafted in Italy. The Unblended is the carbon frame in the range. It’s modern but also timeless, it has options of external or internal cabling and bespoke geometry. The bike is as stiff as anyone could want, light enough at circa 850 grams unpainted and has true Italian riding characteristics, stable, smooth and handles at speed like no other bike can. The paint is truly unique aspect and really sets a DeAnima apart from the crowd, the problem is deciding which colour and design. The bikes are art, but you won’t be framing this art you will be riding these bikes hard.

DeAnima - Unblended Carbon Racing Road

DeAnima Framesets

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